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Epoxy Garage NY

While envisaging an idea of a dream house in New York, one must also consider a space like a garage, which is equally an essential part of the house. The garage encompasses the vehicles of the house and offers protection to it from various weather conditions like cold, heat, and rainfall. Therefore, the area must be designed in a way so that it provides protection to the vehicles for a long time. In the overall interior of a garage, flooring becomes a significant aspect that must be adequately scrutinized to add rigidity to the surface to endure loads of the vehicles. 

Benefits of garage epoxy flooring

Epoxy floorings are known for its excellent performances in the industry, be it commercial or residential purpose. In context to the garage floor the typical reason for which they are selected by the users because of its durability and low-maintenance. An added benefit can be the price range which is very nominal. 


A regular vehicle movement needs a firm base to endure the mass of it. Epoxy resin floors are incredibly durable after getting cured and settled. When they are poured over a concrete slab, they become more robust and hard. Based on this pretext, it has been preferred in commercial venues like offices, salons, hospitals, hotels, etc. Industries with heavy equipment and machinery also prefer epoxy. Even one can detect them in airport hangers as well. 


Fantasize about a garage flooring whose maintenance cost is marginal or almost free. Yes, it’s true with epoxy resin floorings that comes with an average lifespan of around 20-25 years without much maintenance. It all depends upon small hacks like cleaning the floor with a little soapy water. 


Epoxy resin floors are impermeable in nature, that is they don’t react or allow any water, liquids, oil spills, chemical leaching, gasoline, grease, etc. It doesn’t help the bacteria and germs to burgeon on the surface and colonizes. The floors also don’t soak any moisture, further making it a viable choice for a place like a garage.

Sanitation and Hygiene

Installing a layer of epoxy resin floor can eliminate those periods of pain that one has to go through during the cleaning process of a garage floor. They are more prone to get affected by oil spills, grease, lubricants, and cleansers that one uses for their vehicles. Sanitizing the area requires a lot of labor, but with epoxy floors, a single wipe is enough to get rid of the dirt. 

Garage epoxy floor customizations

Garage epoxy floors can be customized according to the preferences and needs of the customers. One can include any shades and hues of their choice in the epoxy resin mix to enhance the look of the entire area.

 Forget about those dull and worn-out garage floors that had to be painted several times to restore the appearance in the former state.

 Some of the voguish color schemes are Smith Stains, Garage Cabinet Charts, Solid Colors, Lava Flow Color Chart, Blended Flake Color Chart, Mica Flake Colors, and many others. Not only in the color options but distinct customization in epoxy floors are also very feasible. Like one can include anti-skid proof floor to render the floors free from any slippage. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How to choose the best garage epoxy contractor?

There are multiple epoxy flooring contractors that can assist you in your project of achieving a dream garage flooring in the prospering city of New York. One can start with searching for various epoxy flooring contractors in New York through an online medium. 

Different details regarding epoxy flooring for the garage can be searched through these pages. It is easy to finalize one based on the reviews and the experience they hold in this industry. 

One can get a free consultation with the professional experts before making any further progress. Make sure they have all the expertise in epoxy floor installations, finishing, and repairs. 

They should be ready to provide an instant service when any problem emerges out later. Track different customer reviews regarding the authenticity of such a company. Customer feedback is vital in a service-oriented industry. Simultaneously one can see the price of installation and repair as well.

How long do epoxy garage floors last?

It depends on the maintenance as well as the type of epoxy garage floor one has installed. Rust-Oleum products have a wide range, and they are considered best for the epoxy floors. It provides a handy solution to numerous problems relating to the garage floors. If installed properly, it can last up to several years without spending any buck on it. A maximum of 25 years a flooring range can offer. 

How much does it cost to epoxy garage floor?

One can choose among the three types of epoxy flooring available in the market. They are water-based epoxy, solvent-based epoxy and 100% solid epoxy floors. The density of the water-based epoxy is much thinner compared to the other two.

A gallon of water-based epoxy is a bit cheaper and can cost an average around $30-$50, while a gallon of 100% solid epoxy and solvent-based epoxy can be expensive and can cost an average around $45-$150 or more. The estimated price to epoxy garage floor around 250 sq.ft can cost about $750-$3,000. 

Is epoxy garage floors slippery?

Epoxy garage floors are slippery to specific conditions like oil spills, lubricants, and water. In such situations, it becomes hazardous to operate on such floors. However, this ‘isn’t a problem if one can customize it with anti-skid additives in their epoxy resin mix.  

Does epoxy garage floor add value to your home?

Epoxy garage floors only add commercial quality floor finish, but they are beautiful and functional flooring solution that lasts up to several years. The garage floors are extremely sturdy, and therefore, there is a fair chance to elevate the valuation of houses if one considers to sell them. 

How long does garage floor epoxy take to dry?

A short span of time like 4-5 days are enough, for Mausoleum garage floor epoxy to dry up completely. After this, you are all set to park your car inside the garage.